A thriving city is one that gives every resident the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life. I will use my experience in healthcare to improve our community’s health, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Upcoming Events

Canvass with Mayor Adam Paul & Jeffco School Board Candidates Joan Chavez-Lee & Stephanie Schooley

Reception for Kyra and Dana with Attorney General Phil Weiser & State Senator Brittany Pettersen

Canvass with Congressman Ed Perlmutter, Mayor Adam Paul, Councilor Dana Gutwein & my fellow candidate Henry Hollender

  • When: Saturday, October 19th • 1:00pm

  • Where: TBD

For more information about any of these events, please contact Cooper Hearne at cooperhearne@gmail.com.

Get to know Kyra

I grew up in a household of doctors and planned on becoming a doctor myself. My undergraduate studies prepared me to go to medical school, but before applying, I began working in a family practice clinic as a care manager for patients with diabetes. I saw firsthand the social determinants of health and the complexity of issues in our healthcare system. This experience changed the course of my life and I began to focus on health policy as a way to improve the health of many, rather than clinical work with the individual patient.

I worked as a research assistant for the Colorado School of Public Health, for a policy nonprofit called the Integrative Health Policy Consortium, and last year, worked with then Representative, now Senator Pettersen, as her legislative aide on the opioid crisis, public health in Colorado, and education policies. This summer I worked on the 5A/5B campaign, which secured funding for Jeffco schools, and the Lakewood 2D campaign, which created funding for our parks, police and community needs. I’ve also spent the last nine years volunteering with women who are recovering from addiction and trauma issues.

Although this is a somewhat non-linear path to running for office, I’m running because I deeply care about Lakewood and improving the health of our community. That means making sustainability a priority so that our kids get to experience the same Lakewood that we do. It means investing in bike and alternative transportation infrastructure so we can enjoy the Colorado way of life with our families. It means keeping Lakewood inclusive and affordable for our teachers, firefighters and families. It means investing in our police department’s needs so we continue to be a safe community. And it means actively participating in our democracy because all of our voices need to be heard at the decision making table.

I wasn’t born in Lakewood, I chose Lakewood as my home. I chose to make roots and start a family here, and I’ll work tirelessly to ensure our city and our communities are as happy and healthy as possible.

Endorsements - Organizations &
Elected Officials

Support Jeffco Kids

working families party

Denver Area labor federation

our revolution metro denver

colorado blueflower

SMART Local 9 sheet metal union

Congressman ed perlmutter

State senator brittany PETtersen

state senator faith winter

state senator Rachel zenzinger

house majority leader Alec garnett

state Representative kerry tipper

state representative Chris KennedY

State Representative lisa cutter

state representative barbara mclachlan

state representative jonathan singer

jeffco school board president ron mitchell

Lakewood Councilor jacob labure

lakewood councilor dana gutwein

Jeffco Surveyo Bryan Douglass, PLS

Jeffco Assessor Scot Kersgaard

West Metro Fire Protection District president Cassie Tanner

Fmr State Representative Max Tyler

fmr state senator andy kerr

Fmr State Senator Betty Boyd

Fmr State Senator Deanna Hanna

Fmr Lakewood Councilor Karen Kellen






fmr edgewater mayor kris teegarden

Fmr RTD Director Dave Ruchman

fmr state house candidate kim netherton

Endorsements- Lakewood Residents

Kyra’s people-powered campaign has been endorsed by over one hundred Lakewood residents:

Justin Adams, Suzanne Adams, Margaret Ash, Dayna Ashley Oehm, Kathleen Baird, Betsy Barringer, Jeff Baysinger, Mike Bieszad, Daniel Bock, Jane Bock, Cynthia Kay Boyce, Nita & John Bradford, Robert Brayden, Brenda Bronson, Leslie Steven Burnau, Julie Byerlein, Amy Campbell, Nancy Carlisle, Cindy Catbagan, Randy Chase, Daniel Chilcoat, George Choy, Carol Cook, Dianna Cooper-Ribner, Michael Coughlin, Kenneth DeBey, Beth Anne Demeter, Virginia Dennis, Carol Farina, Jim Fernald, Patricia Flood, Sarah Foster, Rena Fowler, Lorna Fox, Sharon Frenzen, Eva Frickle, William Furman, Linda Giannosa, Glen Gilbert, Pamela Goff, Nancy Gruschow, Jeff & Gale Haley, Marilyn Hardy, Gary Harty, Kathi Hasfjord, Devon Hawkins, Robert Hickler, Kami Hinger, Molly Hollern, Lu Horner, Joan Jacobson, Ellen Jaskol, Floy Jeffares, Mel Johnston, Bev Kahn, Gene Kalesti, Steve Katich, Tom Keefe, Gregg Kildow, Jean Lacrosse, Dale Lauer, Cathy Law, Frank Lay, Mark Leachman, Ann Lederer, Meghan Lundstrom, Janice Magid, Josh Many, Gerald Mason, Dennis Mateski, Ken & Gretchen May, Jacqueline McGaughy, Kathleen McInnish, Trish Merkel, Jim Miller, Chris Montague, Cheryl Moskal, Roger Myers, Sarah Smith Nelson, Annie Nestor, Maddie Nichols, Marsha Osborn, Steve & Lorna Ozawa, Pat Pendleton, Carol Poole, Kevin Poyner, James Rabiolo, Ann Rutkofsky, Michele Ryan Sannes, Ann Schmidt, Stephanie Schooley, Marilyn Scott, Bette Seeland, Brendan Shea, Dana Shea-Reid, Ian Silverii, Janna Six, Robin Smith, George Snyder, Bill Spriggs, Linda Sundine, Barbara Sweeney, Candace Taylor, Theresa Tomich, Terry Tucker, Rich Urbanowski, Marie Venner, Tom Walker, Jane Wallace-Gibson, Virginia Watlington, Sandra Weathers, Maggie Williams, & Bob Zachman

She is a smart, savvy and caring woman. Kyra’s values hold family and community first and foremost. She will bring those values to the City of Lakewood, listening to and acting upon the needs of its citizens to the best of her ability.
— Roberta, Ward One Resident

Kyra’s not taking donations from developers, corporations, PACs, or special interests.

Her campaign is funded by individuals, including 133 individuals from Lakewood, 32 individuals from other parts of Jeffco, & 42 individuals from other parts of Colorado.

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Support our Kids and Schools

In 2018, I was a co-director of outreach for the 5A/5B ballot initiative and have continued to fight for our schools to make sure every Lakewood kid gets the opportunity for a good education and a safe school experience. I’ll work to keep our neighborhood schools like Stober Elementary open,  ensure Lakewood kids can go to Outdoor Lab, and implement our sustainability plan to ensure our youth have access to clean air and water for generations to come.

Expand and Maintain Lakewood's Parks and Open Space

In 2018, I worked to pass a ballot initiative that invests millions into the purchasing of land for park creation. Lakewood has over 100 parks. In fact, over 25% of our City is dedicated parkland. This is one of the reasons I moved to and love Lakewood.  I will fight to protect every inch, and work to continue investing in great open space and park opportunities.

Working for a Sustainable Future

I am proud Lakewood is still committed to the Paris Treaty. With smart investment and careful planning and leveraging grant dollars, we can take Lakewood from a “Bronze” bikeable city to “Silver.”  This is great for business, health, environment, and traffic reduction. I will support local action on sustainability.

Affordable Housing for Real People 

The rents and home prices in Lakewood are soaring, and it is becoming more and more difficult for the people who live and work in Lakewood to make ends meet. I want to live in a community where teachers, firefighters, nurses, young professionals, working families and seniors can afford to live.  That’s why I stand for housing that is affordable for regular people.

Demand High Quality Development

I’m proud of the redevelopment of areas like the West Colfax neighborhood and I’ll fight to make sure we’re balancing redevelopment of areas that need it, while keeping the rural feel of Lakewood in our established neighborhoods. Lakewood is growing, and we need a more sensible approach that demands responsible and sustainable efforts from developers, keeps our economy strong, protects our neighborhood charm, and enhances our community. I know what good quality, sustainable development looks like and how to demand it.

Support Public Safety

Public safety is a matter of vital importance.  I’ll make sure the Lakewood Police Department has the resources they need to keep Lakewood safe. Lakewood PD is known nationwide as a top-notch police force. I'm proud of that and want to keep it that way.  I support adding new agents to the force, specializing in homeless issues so that we can keep our patrol on the streets. I support equipping our force with the technology they need, like smart phones and mobile digital computers.


Support Local Economy

Having worked for a small, local business, I know how important they are for our community and our country. I’ll work to bring more businesses like Mint & Serif into our neighborhoods and make sure we’re supporting our community associations.


Working for a sustainable future  I’m already working, and will continue to work on making the Sustainable Neighborhood Program even more effective. Making sustainability in Lakewood a priority gives future generations the gift that we’ve been so freely given, living in such close proximity to nature. Programs like this bridge the gap between government and neighbors, creating a more holistic community.

Listening with an open mind  I know how important it is for our elected officials to truly listen to the residents it represents. This is often overlooked, and I’d like to change the paradigm back. As City Councilwoman, I look forward to being your ally, and someone you can always count on to listen to your concerns and needs, and also to share in your successes.


Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th

Look for your ballot the week of October 14th, and make sure it’s returned by 7:00pm on the 5th!

Lakewood City Council Election Date: November, 5 2019
To learn about mail-in ballots, drop off centers, or voting in person, go to the Jefferson County voting information page.

Map of Lakewood Ward One
If you live within the boundaries outlined in red on this map, you are within Lakewood Ward One.


I want to hear from you


What are you hoping for in Lakewood? What projects are most important to you?
Please contact me by filling out the form below and let's grab a cup of coffee to discuss your thoughts.

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